Welcome to the official website of the Housing Authority of the City of South Bend, Indiana. As one of the leading housing authorities in Indiana, the Housing Authority of the City of South Bend (HASB) provides safe, desirable, and affordable housing with superior services to eligible members of the South Bend community while maintaining an atmosphere which encourages self sufficiency.  The HASB manages and maintains 814 public housing units and administers 2124 Housing Choice Vouchers.  In total, the HASB houses nearly 3,000 South Bend families.

The Housing Authority also has a variety of partnerships and alliances with other community service providers. In pursuit of its various programmatic objectives, the Housing Authority faces some enormous physical and economic challenges.

Through our website, we are proud to provide you with some insight into the operation and activities of the HASB.

We encourage you to spend some time exploring our website. We also hope that you will be enlightened by the many programs and services offered by the HASB. We welcome your questions and comments.


HASB is an Equal Opportunity Employer

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