Call volume remains very high. Voicemails requesting Wait List status will NOT be returned. Please use the online option below.

To check your place on our waitlist, please click below. You will need to establish an account. HASB staff is unable to check your place on our waitlist. You MUST use the link below. If you have difficulty with the website, please email

NOTE: If you applied between February 14, 2022 and February 16, 2022, your pre-application has now been processed. You will be able to check your status on our waitlist via the link below if your pre-application has been added to our Wait List. It is critical you ensure the HASB has your correct mailing address in order to receive the letter inviting you to an intake briefing. Depending upon your place on the waitlist, this may be years from today, so please ensure if you move, you notify the Housing Authority of South Bend using our Program Update Sheet.


Applicants must meet several criteria to be eligible for assistance

  • Income Limits Requirement: The Applicant household or individual must meet income requirements which are published and updated annually by HUD.

  • At least one household member must be an United States citizen or an eligible immigrant.

  • Each household member must have a Social Security Number or be able to verify that one has been applied for.

  • Meet HASB's criminal background screening criteria.


All Applicant household members 18 years of age and older must complete a Voucher Briefing which includes:

  • Completion of the Application

  • HUD required form completion

  • Verification document submission

  • Program overview including family, landlord, and HASB obligations

What Documents Will I Need?

  • Copies of the front and back of Picture IDs for each person 18 or older in the household;

  • Copies of birth certificates and Social Security cards for each member of the household;

  • Copy of marriage license if currently married; divorce papers if recently divorced;

  • Verification of ALL income including self-employment

    • Wages - 30-Days of current consecutive ​pay stubs

    • Self-Employment - Tax documents or Profit/Loss Statement

    • Monetary Contributions - Written statement from person providing funds including how much provided and how often funds are provided

    • Social Security - Award Letter

    • SNAP and/or TANF eligibility printout showing monthly benefit amount

    • Child Support printout - Needed for ALL households with children under 18. Need a payment history report OR a No Case letter

    • Unemployment - Weekly benefit statement OR statement of No Case if not working

  • Current Bank Statement(s);

  • If not currently living in St Joseph County Indiana, original certified background check (current month);

  • If not currently living and/or receiving mail in South Bend, IN, residency verification for the date of your prescreening application.

PLEASE NOTE: The HASB staff will NOT make copies of your documents for you. You must bring copies that you can leave with the HASB at the time of your briefing. 


Once the briefing has been completed, HASB intake staff will process the application file. Failure to provide ALL verification documents required at the time of briefing will result in your file being returned to the waitlist. If returned to the waitlist, you will have one more opportunity to attend a voucher briefing when your file is selected again for processing.

Applications will be processed in the order received. If you have completed the briefing, and your application is in process, your information will NOT be viewable in our waitlist tool as your status is "eligibility pending". 

Once an application is ready for eligibility approval, you will receive written notification to come in to pick up your Voucher Packet. If an application is ready for denial, you will receive written notification of the eligibility determination.


If your household situation changes during the application phase, please complete the Program Update form (above or in our lobby) to let us know of the change(s). This is the applicant's responsibility. This includes changes in address, phone number, household composition and income.

Once the Program Update form has been received, your file will be updated accordingly.

Answers to Common Questions

Your financial help for a place to live is based on all the things you report in your application.


Be completely honest in every part of your application.


If any of your circumstances change (including the amount of household income or expenses, or information related to the people in your household), update your application right away. It's easy to do using the Program Update form.


When your application gets near the top of the waiting list, you will be required to show proof of everything you reported. 

Application Process

How do I apply?

You may only apply online when the waitlist is open. The announcement of the opening of the waitlist will occur on this website, in the South Bend Tribune, and through community outreach.

How do I update my application while I am on the waiting list?

Use the Program Update Sheet (download on Documents & Forms page or available in our Administrative Building's lobby). 

When I apply, do I need to turn in copies of documents such as Social Security cards or proof of income?

No. You are required to provide this information when you get to the top of the waiting list, but not before. Please wait to provide documentation until HASB contacts you by mail notifying you that you have reached the top of the waiting list.

What happens after I get confirmation that my application is complete?

You will be able to create an account and log into our applicant portal to view your spot on the waitlist. Do not contact HASB for this information, it will not be provided. It is available via the website.

It is your responsibility to notify HASB about any changes to your contact information and household members. You are required to report changes to HASB via the Program Update Sheet within 10 days of a change in your mailing address and/or phone number.

If any mail sent to you by HASB is returned (even with a forwarding address), it will not be resent and your application will be removed from the waiting list.

HASB will contact you by mail occasionally to confirm your continued interest in the housing choice voucher program. If we do not receive a response by the deadline on the letter, your application will be removed from the waiting list.

When will the Housing Choice Voucher program reopen for new applications?

There is no estimated date for reopening the Housing Choice Voucher waiting list. Check our website for updates. HASB will announce in advance when new applications can be made.

Can I apply to other Housing Authorities for help with rent and keep my HASB application?

Yes. Every housing authority maintains its own waiting lists. Mishawaka Housing Authority and St Joseph County Housing Authority are the other housing authorities in St. Joseph County Indiana.

Program Details and Differences

Can I apply for more than one HASB program?

Yes. You can apply for all housing programs for which your household is eligible. 

Do housing programs meet safety standards?

Yes. HASB inspects every home where people receiving housing assistance live to make sure it meets the Housing Quality Standards.

Are Housing Choice Vouchers transferable to other locations?

Yes, after the initial 12-month lease. Housing Choice Vouchers can be used anywhere in the United States. If you have a Housing Choice Voucher and want to move out of the HASB jurisdiction, contact your current Housing Specialist to learn how. Start the process a few months before you want to move.

Can I have pets?

For the Housing Choice Voucher program, it is up to individual landlords to make decisions regarding pets.

Waiting List

How long will I have to wait to get housing?

The wait for a Housing Choice Voucher can be up to 10 years from the date of application.

How do I check to see if I am already on the waiting list and my waiting list status?

Check your application date and status on our website above. You must create an account. Do not contact HASB staff to ask your position on the waitlist. It will not be provided. You must use the online tool.

What if my life changes while I am on the waiting list?

It is up to you to notify HASB about any changes to your contact information, household members or financial circumstances. Notify HASB within 10 days of the change by using our Program Update Sheet. 

If any mail sent to you by HASB is returned (even with a forwarding address), it will not be resent and your application will be removed from the waiting list.

I received a letter from HASB about my application. Do I need to respond?

Follow the directions in the letter. If the letter states a response must be received by a certain date, you must respond by that date. If we do not receive your response by the deadline, your application will be removed from the wait list.

Does HASB check my criminal history?

Yes. HASB screens all applicants for criminal history. If an applicant's criminal background indicates they may not be a suitable resident, their application for housing assistance may be denied.

Can I transfer my place on the waiting list to another Housing Authority?


What happens when I reach the top of the waiting list?

You will receive notification in the mail to attend an in person briefing to complete the application, required forms, turn in your verification documents, and receive information regarding the HCV Program.

What happens when my application is approved?

You will be contacted to attend a meeting to receive your voucher.

Special Circumstances

I do not have a computer. What do I do?

St Joseph County libraries have computers for public use. If possible, ask to use the computer of a friend, family member or case manager from an agency you currently work with so you can complete the application process.

I have no place to live and need housing assistance right away.

Please contact Indiana 2-1-1 for emergency housing referrals.

Will my current situation move me closer to the top of the waiting list?

HASB has two preferences at this time. Preference is given to those that meet HUD's definition of homeless and to those who live in the City of South Bend at the time of the application.

I have a landlord who accepts Housing Choice Voucher assistance. Does this move me to the top of the wait list?

No. Our Housing Choice Voucher waiting list moves according to the date of your application. You will be issued a voucher, if eligible, when your name reaches the top of the waiting list.

How does my immigration status affect my housing support?

You do not need to be a United States citizen to apply for housing, but at least one household member must be a citizen or have eligible immigration status to receive housing help.

I have not been able to find acceptable housing within my voucher term of 60-days. How do I request an extension of the voucher term?

All voucher extension requests must be made in writing. Please provide a written request with the "unforeseeable circumstance" details and supporting documentation for consideration. This should be addressed to your HCV Specialist. An extension is NOT guaranteed and will only be granted for those requests that are due to unforeseeable circumstances or as a reasonable accommodation for persons with disabilities in line with the HASB Administrative Plan.

After You Move In

How much rent will I pay?

You will pay approximately 30% of your household income towards rent.

Do I have to pay a deposit?

Maybe. Your landlord will explain their security deposit requirements before you sign a lease.

How much do I pay for utilities?

Your landlord will explain which utilities they pay and which utilities you will be responsible to pay.

What are the requirements for keeping my housing support?

You will be required to show that you remain eligible for housing assistance every year by completing an annual recertification and providing updated documentation that shows your income and assets.

Additional Rental Assistance Resources:

Real Services - or 574-284-2061 M - F 8AM - 4:30PM to apply