HASB may review a household's eligibility for continued participation in its programs through processes called "interim reexaminations" or "annual reexaminations." During the recertification process, HASB does one or more of the following activities to confirm that the participant continues to meet HASB eligibility requirements.

- Income review, verification, and calculation
- Determination of program requirement compliance status
- Confirmation of household composition to determine the appropriate voucher size
- Recalculation of income and deductions to determine the Total Tenant Payment (TTP)
- Review adherence to HASB's Family Obligations

Reexamination cycles occur annually and after reported changes occur.

You may move to a new unit with continued assistance in any of the following circumstances:
- The lease gives the family the right to terminate the lease on notice to the owner and the family has given a notice of termination to the owner in accordance with the lease. If the family does terminate the lease on notice to the owner, the family must give HASB a copy of the notice at the same time.
- The family has complied with all other obligations of the HCV Program and has moved out of the assisted dwelling unit in order to protect the health or safety of an individual who is or has been a victim of domestic violence, dating violence, or stalking and who reasonably believed he or she was imminently threatened by harm from further violence if he or she remained in the assisted dwelling unit.
- The lease for the family's unit has been terminated by mutual agreement of the owner and the family. If the family and the owner mutually agree to terminate the lease for the family's unit, the family must give the HASB a copy of the termination agreement.
- The owner has given the family a notice to vacate, has commenced an action to evict the family, or has obtained a court judgement or other process allowing the owner to evict the family. The family must give HASB a copy of any owner eviction notice.
- HASB has terminated the assisted lease for the family's unit for the owner's breach.
- HASB determines that the family's current unit does not meet the Housing Quality Standards space standards because of an increase in family size or a change in family composition. In such cases, HASB will issue the family a new voucher, and the family must find an acceptable unit.

If you wish to move to a new unit, you must notify HASB and the owner before moving out of the old unit or terminating the lease on notice to the owner

You must notify HASB of your intent to move by completing the Transfer Request form and returning it to your Housing Choice Voucher Specialist. Your Specialist will review your Request to Transfer and approve or disapprove of your elective move.


An eligible household that has been issued a Housing Choice Voucher may use that voucher to lease a unit anywhere in the United States where there is a housing agency operating a Housing Choice Voucher program. This feature of the program is referred to as portability. (Note: HASB requires new applicants to use their vouchers in HASB's jurisdiction during the first year of program participation. To promote stability and quality of life, Participants and their households must remain in their current unit for a minimum of 12 months to be eligible for an elective move). Your Request to Transfer must be approved by your Housing Specialist prior to the elective move.

To be considered eligible to port in to HASB's jurisdiction, Port Applicants must:

- Meet all HASB eligibility requirements;
- Receive approval from the Initial Public Housing Authority;
- Ensure that a complete inbound Port Package is received from the Initial PHA;
- Meet the HASB program requirements as applicable

If any of the above requirements are not met, HASB will return the port package to the initial PHA and no further processing will occur. Please note: HASB is currently absorbing port in families.

Outbound Ports are households that request to move to a property located outside of HASB's jurisdiction. Participants are not eligible to port out before their annual recertification date.

To be considered eligible to port out of HASB's jurisdiction, the Participant must:

- Have met all terms and conditions of the rental lease agreement and have continuously complied with all household obligations under the HCV program
- Submit a Request for Transfer form
- Provide updated income verifications 
- Provide a letter of good standing from current landlord
Documents must be turned into your Housing Choice Voucher Specialist for review and consideration.



Our HCV Specialists will be available from 8-4:30 EST Monday - Thursday. Appointments must be scheduled in advance at this time.

To turn in documents, please place in an envelope to your Housing Specialist's attention and place in the HCV/Section 8 Drop Box in our lobby.