HASB is proud to introduce our 9 communities in the South Bend area



Situated just outside of South Bend's Historic District, Laurel Place is located directly adjacent to the newest of South Bend's City Parks. Lovely two and three bedroom bricked townhouses line the streets of this community. Located within walking distance of Monroe Circle and the offices of SBHA, Laurel Place offers plenty of wide-open space for growing families and children and all the conveniences of city living.


The apartments here are just as homey as they look. All 13 buildings are situated in well maintained grounds conveniently located right next door to the Housing Authority central office. The spacious lawns, network of walkways and park benches make you feel like you are in a city park. Each sturdy brick building is home to four single level apartments. Stop by next time your in the area and experience the atmosphere firsthand.


In 1971, the HASB decided to build administrative offices that would be connected to the existing high rise building known as Westscott Apartments. This was done to increase the interaction of the administrative staff and residents. This concept was novel at the time and has proven to be a very successful strategic configuration embraced by resident and staff throughout the years since.


Rabbi Shulman (1902-1998) served on the Board of Commissioners of the South Bend Housing Authority from 1956 until 1971, and was an advocate of assistance in housing for the elderly, disabled, and the disenfranchised throughout his life. Rabbi Shulman was one of the most recognized individuals in St. Joseph County, being elected to the South Bend Community Hall of Fame in 1997.


Located in the middle of the central business district, this tree lined townhouse community is blessed by its neighbors and its resident’s commitment to each other. Surrounded on the east by Stanley Coveliski Regional Baseball Stadium, to the north by St. Hedwig Church and the Forever Learning Institute, to the west by the SBHA Administrative Offices, and to the south by the South Bend Police Department, Monroe Circle is also host to the Alonzo Watson Housing University (AWHU) and the Resident and Community Services Department of SBHA. Designated as a Campus of Learners in 1995 by HUD, the AWHU and Resident and Community Services offer a broad range of

residential self-sufficiency services.


Located on the outskirts of South Bend's West Side, Harber Homes is a brick townhouse community, harbored within an Oak-treed ocean. Offering growing families two and three bedroom modernly designed townhouses, this community can also promise children will never have to walk more than two blocks to grade, middle or high school. That, combined being with a minute's drive from either Indiana corn fields or shopping malls makes Harber Homes a most attractively located community.


Ensconced within a veritable forest, Edison Gardens offers its residents the feeling of living in an Oregonian enclave, while a mere block or two from elementary through high schools. Edison Gardens also features two and three bedroom townhouses that are within a minute's walk of the State's second leading retail and employment sector.


Nestled amongst the tree-lined drive bearing its name, Twyckenham Drive features larger family homes in a beautiful setting. With easy access to schools, including Indiana University, Twyckenham is an ideal community setting for any family.


Located as close to the Notre Dame campus as is possible without having "Golden roofs," South Bend Avenue Apartments offer two and three bedroom family townhouses, cuddled in a university atmosphere. With the open spaces of the University, Snite Art Museum, and countless other cultural and educational venues, South Bend Avenue Apartments offer the world, within a hop, skip, and a jump.