Housing Choice Voucher Program (formerly Section 8)

HASB's Housing Choice Voucher Program offers low-income individuals and families an opportunity to live in quality, mixed-income apartment communities and single-family home neighborhoods owed and operated by private property owners. The housing units must meet HUD's Housing Quality Standards.


During the first year of using a voucher from the HASB, you must live within the City of South Bend. After the first year, you can move anywhere in the United States where there is a Housing Choice Voucher Program as long as you are compliant with the program requirements. The subsidy assistance follows you (the tenant), so if and when you (the tenant) move, as long as you remain eligible and complaint with program requirements, you can continue to receive subsidy to rent another eligible unit.

To get a Housing Choice Voucher, you must apply for a chance to get on the waiting list. You can only apply when the waiting list is open. When HASB opens the waiting list, we will put a notice on our website and an advertisement in The South Bend Tribune. If you are selected to be on the waiting list, it could take several months to a couple years before your name is pulled from the waiting list for a voucher. Once a voucher is available, HASB will contact you to set up an appointment for an Orientation Meeting. 

Housing Choice Voucher Program Eligibility


HCV Program Published Income Limits for South Bend Indiana 2022:
1 Person Household --- $27,300
2 Person Household --- $31,200
3 Person Household --- $35,100
4 Person Household --- $39,000
5 Person Household --- $42,150
6 Person Household --- $45,250
7 Person Household --- $48,400
8 Person Household --- $51,500