Due to the number of inbound phone calls and voicemail messages, Housing Specialists will only be available via phone from 2-4PM. Voicemails regarding status updates will NOT be returned. Communication from the Housing Authority will be in writing to the address on file.

Appointments must be pre-scheduled at this time.



The program allows low-income families the freedom to choose quality housing while maintaining rent payments they can afford. Qualified applicants and participants select units owned by private landlords. These units must qualify under Housing Quality Standards and Rent Reasonable Certification. The client's rent portion is based on 30% of their gross adjusted monthly income. If the rent and utility allowances do not exceed the payment standard, SBHA will issue the balance of the rent directly to the landlord. Upon initial lease renewal, the client's rental portion cannot exceed 40% of their current gross adjusted monthly income.

Housing Choice Voucher Program Eligibility


HCV Program Published Income Limits for South Bend Indiana 2021:
1 Person Household --- $25,750
2 Person Household --- $29,400
3 Person Household --- $33,100
4 Person Household --- $36,750
5 Person Household --- $39,700
6 Person Household --- $42,650
7 Person Household --- $45,600
8 Person Household --- $48,550